Recycling Metal

Faithful Samurai of Cheech & Chong Dynasty

Inspired by objects I’ve collected from a turn of the century dumpsite, located on our property, and a trip to Meow Wolf, I am having the time of my life turning rusty old crap – as my husband likes to say – into smiles and laughter. As Mary Engelbreit wrote, “Have nothing in your home you do not find useful or beautiful“. I find smiling and laughing both useful and beautiful and that is what I seek to achieve with everything I create.

My samurai came about when I saw the way the bolt was cut. From there the shoulders and body fell into place. Working with old rusty objects, barbed and non-barbed wire you only get so many changes before everything disintegrates in your hands. I wire as much if not all the sculpture so it’s interactive. I used part of an old metal ceiling sq to create his Japanese looking garment. with a buckle as a sash and a drawer pull for his helmet. Complete with weapons, he still has a heart.