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Fantasy Upcycled Fire Pits Will Blow Your Mind!

Fire pits add a comforting ambiance that inspires family gatherings and parties. Grab some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, plus your favorite beverages and plan your best ghost story. These Fantasy Upcycled Fire Pits will blow your mind, and make your outdoor living space the talk of the neighborhood!

Show your favorite movie character, light the fire and invite the friends around one of these upcycled fire pits!

Imagine a party with any of these fire pits as the center of your outdoor party decor!
The artist made this fire pit that was by a favorite sci-fi movie. Does it have an invisibility mode?
I am your fire pit. Check out this Amazing Dart Vader Fire Pit with DIY instructions!
Famous bounty hunters and stellar reimagining of classic movie helmets/masks inspired the designs.
Who would win? The Alien or Iron Man? Whoever gets one of these is the winner!
Nazgul Fire Ring Wraith and more!
A Death-Star-Fire-Pit and an R2-styled fire pit are masterpieces! Almost too beautiful to use!

Alex Dodson is a very talented artist creating these sci-fi and sci-fantasy creations. He’s a full-time technology teacher, and he uses subject matter from pop culture to inspire his students. He is self-taught, and learned from YouTube videos! Then he began sharing his designs on social media, and that’s how he got his start. He has a company called “Burned by Design Ltd” that focuses on outdoor wood burners and fire pits. With his talent, we do not doubt that he’ll have to leave his teaching job shortly! WOW!

Are you searching for some firewood for sale for your fire pit? Wants more inspiration? Check out these 31 Best Star Wars, Comics, and Earth Fire Pits! Add an upcycled end-timber coffee table to your inspired fire pit idea!


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