Floating Book Wall

6 weeks, 63 second-hand books, 126 angel brackets, 138 dowels, 504 screws and 2 tubes of glue – if I would have calculated these numbers in advance, I would have never started this project. Luckily I was too lazy for math and later too stubborn to give up and now I have this beautiful floating book wall.

Get the tutorial here!

Ronja Lotte

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    • No problem ;-) About every seventh book is floating shelf made out off a book. Every bookshelf holds about six books and if I need a book I might have to take a few books out at the same time and put every book back that I didn´t want but that´s okay for me :-)

    • Dear Jessica, I have the feeling that you haven´t read my original post. I love books, too and I can still read them. Yes, I had to make some books I bought second-hand non-functional but I chose books I didn´t like. Off course, I can still read all my own books :-)