Foret Ii: Pallet Installation By Justin Duchesneau & Phil Allard

Forêt II is a cubic meditation place made of 800 recycled wooden pallets. With its four cardinal points oriented corners it represents the meeting and the connection of territories. The work was presented at the 2011 Art Festival at Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Forêt II is also, on a smaller scale a forest.

This installation highlights the improbable initial function of the palette, which is to transport banal objects. Yet it is essential and used everywhere, without which it would be difficult to carry a multitude of items in large quantities. Through the eyes of visual artist Phil Allard, along with the architect and professor Justin Duchesneau, the palette supports itself, and filters light through the branches like a tree, symbolically returned to its source.

The work of Phil Allard and Justin Duchesneau was set again at the corner of Maisonneuve | Jeanne-Mance Saturday and will be until next Tuesday September 11.

Forêt II
Escales Improbables de Montréal
Justin Duchesneau and Phil Allard
810 recycled pallets
21 x 21 x 20 feet