Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

From Trash to Fashion, Upcycled Cutlery Into Jewels

We are two people from Western Europe. We struggled to find a way to find a job that will bring money, emotional satisfaction and help with all the trash that we create because of the fast fashion. We ended up on some local craft exhibitions where we read about the slaves who find a way to show their love to each other.

Long story short: the only shiny things that they were allowed to touch was the flatware. So they stole a fork or spoon and gave it as a gift for their beloved ones. Soon they found a way to make the cutlery look more like jewelry and wore it as one. This story inspired us and we found a small workplace in the back of a glass shop and started to turn cutlery to jewelry.

We found out that we are not the only ones to do this. Looking to find a way to create something different we decided to include natural crystal in our creations and finally, we were happy with our beauties. The process of creating our jewelry is really really hard. We wash them first, we heat them up to 800 degrees and more, then we curve them, polish them, heat them again, polish them again, wash them again…

Believe us it is not easy to turn fork into a bracelet or spoon into a pendant. But we hope it deserves to give them a second life. I hope you are going to love them too.