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Funky Orange Globe Night Light Or Bedside Table Lamp

I made this Orange Globe Night Light after finding a funky orange lamp at a secondhand store.  I decided the most interesting part of the lamp was the base. An orange ribbed glass ball was just begging to be lit from within.

Don’t ignore those unique features! Turn an old lamp into a cool, Upcycled Globe Night Light!

First I disassembled the entire lamp and cleaned all of the pieces. I bought a new metal finial and washer (with rubber washer underneath) for the top of the ball. Inside, I ran a string of white holiday lights. The ornate metal base already had a hole for the cord to exit, so it required no modifications. The result is a soft amber glow that’s super romantic and easy on the eyes. The finished piece reminds me of a crystal gazing ball. What do you think? Thanks for looking, and please visit my Etsy shop

 for more upcycled creations.

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