Recycled Art

FunTasTickz Trash Artz “Shredded Paper Art”

My weekly shredding of unwanted junk mail and the advertisements was really a drag until I looked at the beautiful specks of color strips peppered into a pile of white. That’s was when I decided to experiment with creating a wall-hanging picture from the materials.

I started the idea by spreading a thin layer of glue inside the paper shredder because it would hold all of the strips together. After selecting what strips of paper to use, I then cover all the glue with strips of paper and pressing them firmly together, making sure that there were no spaces. Then I placed a thin sheet of plastic on top of it all, then placing small bricks on top of the plastic to compress the paper even more. After 3 weeks, when the glue was dry, I had a picture made with shredded paper that could be framed and hung on my wall.