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Garden Art

Old plates, platters, vases, cups… all those old wonderful things we toss to the side or donate to thrift stores. I take those items and turn them into art pieces that can be used for whatever your mind can imagine. I like them in the garden to add color and as birdfeeders… they make wonderful conversation pieces. But I’ve had many purchase them for cupcake holders, jewelry catches, cake and horse devours plates… truly they are pieces that fit whatever need you have. It gives new life to those wonderful odds and ends of pottery and glass… things that normally end up in the attic, garage, or trash. I make them beautiful again!!

I also do special orders. I’ve had requests for pieces that are “Twilight” themed… anything is possible. I take your ideas and/or pictures and then see what resources I can find… they have to be recyclable materials, and then I take creative license to make a piece specifically for you!

I give life to old mirrors… I added pictures that can be seen in the mirror itself. It’s a very surreal effect. These are usually special orders. It takes time for me to find old mirrors that have been cast off, and fit the theme of the picture.


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