Turn Old Plates Into License Plate Planters

By Patrick Hoesterey

I made these cool planters from vintage American license plates. Read on for DIY instructions!

Put Those Autumn Leaves to Good Use in Your Garden

By Neokentin

Leaves aren’t useless at all. The frugal gardener can use them to protect tender plants from the cold, dry out overly moist compost, mulch flower and vegetable beds, stuff a […]

Upcycled Dvd Case Vertical Garden Great for Indoors or Outdoors

By Michelle Leslie

Do you have old DVD cases that are missing their inside bits? Don’t throw them away, turn them into a vertical garden instead.

Diy Video Tutorial: Biointensive Soil Prep

By HeatherStiletto

Large-scale farming isn’t always the healthiest way for biodiversity of plant species, causes soil depletion, and can cause pollution. Small-Scale Agriculture benefits you, your family, and your community, as well […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

This is a bird feeder made with a recycled plastic bottle and pallet wood.

Diy Video Tutorial: Taking Cuttings From Plants!

By HeatherStiletto

Have you ever taken a cutting from a plant, but it suffered the fate of the dreaded “brown-thumb”? Sikana.tv can turn that brown thumb to a green thumb simply: Learn […]

Urban Pallet Wood Plant Stand: Great For Small Spaces

By Poubelle

I made this Pallet Wood Plant Stand as my first pallet project, and I think it came out quite well. I found the pallet just left out on a city […]

Mondheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse

By rbk

Steel bird house from scrapped pipe, plate, bars and rods.

Plastic Plumbing Planters Have Steampunk Feel

By Patrick Hoesterey

These mini planters are inspired by the Steampunk style. Read on for complete DIY instructions!

Easy Tire Poufs

By Angie38200

Make some of these easy Tire Poufs and upcycle tires into comfortable, fun, and practical patio seating or party decor! Tire Poufs – who knew that worn tires could be […]

Unbelievable Meteor Shower Solar Powered Lamp Yard Art

By Neokentin

This is a tribute art piece that I fabricated for a friend. I made this unique piece of yard art, and titled it “Meteor Shower.” I made it into a Solar […]

Decorative Macrame Plant Holder / Portamaceta Colgante

By Neokentin

Thought Macrame was gone after the 1970’s? No way! It’s back and updated with some fun changes. Make yourself a Decorative Macrame Plant Holder to dress up your outdoors or […]

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