More Great Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Projects!

When your friend gives you a large quantity of old Levi Strauss jeans, you have to come up with good uses for them. I immediately was inspired to make more Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Projects!

Get creative with worn blue jeans and turn them into terrific, and functional Levi Strauss Jeans Projects!

Materials I used:

  • Levi Strauss Jeans
  • White fabric flap (for lining)
  • Sponge
  • Black handles upcycled from plastic bags and unused suitcases
  • Upcycled belts, purse straps, etc.

You can make the bags and totes lined or unlined (they’re jeans material, after all). Just be sure your seams are sturdy. I like the look of adding the white trim on the edges and the bright contrast it makes with the handles and jeans material. Don’t throw out the waistbands or tags, either. Use both! I hope this inspires you to upcycle those old jeans, even if they’re not Levi’s. :P

Editor’s note about Levi Strauss Jeans Projects: Even the zippers can be repurposed. I have used those sturdy, metal zippers in my own motorcycle gear to replace damaged wrist zippers. They last much better than their plastic counterparts!

How cute is this idea? This little micro-purse would be just right to hold a lipstick, your phone, and a little fun money. This idea doesn’t even waste the old belt loops, as they’re repurposed into attachment strap points by sewing them securely into the side seams.
You could even repurpose the button-fly to close the purse or add a zipper, hook-and-loop, or just a long flap to close the purse. Very convenient and cute!
This tote could be casual or work if you had to go from day-to-night with how cute it is. The black jeans material and bright white trim are lovely together.
Do not even waste the tag. That can be a fun detail to show where this purse began its life.
Upcycled duffel or luggage straps with those heavy-duty D-rings make a great cross-body strap on this little tote or purse.
Pockets become instant craft room organizers when attached to a waist strap.
Just a close-up of the detail. Notice how the waistband buttonhole is the hanging point. CLEVER!
The classic stitching found on Levis pockets making them identifiable around the world. <3
Another way to put back pockets to good use as a fun office storage organizer. Add a flower, and your day got cheerier!

Have old VHS tapes? Turn them into VHS TAPE PURSES!

 Turn scrap pallet wood into a gorgeous veneered Laptop Briefcase!

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