Green Devil Punk Bear From Upcycled Items

As an artist, I strive to find new ways to use waste items in my projects regularly. I attend car boot sales and hang around to see what gets left behind afterward that are recyclable. Vendors abandon toys most commonly. If they don’t sell the toys, lots of vendors drop them off for the organizers to dispose of as they hold very little resale value. I thought that it is quite depressing that these once-loved playthings get discarded with the trash. When did childhood memories become so disposable? My solution was this Green Devil Punk Bear, among other creations.

Don’t throw away memories! Upcycle them into folk art like this Green Devil Punk Bear.

It made me think along the lines of Toy Story, of the toys as sentient beings. How would they cope battling the streets alone? Would they also have to ‘grow up’ like the children that no longer cared for them? How would it affect their personality? So my Abandoned Toys were born. They are a social commentary on the ugliness of our throwaway culture.

Here is my latest piece, Sid the Anarchist. I adorned him with other upcycled items. He has keyboard keys and Scrabble game tiles for teeth, and punk-style piercings from ring pull and bottle caps. Check out more Abandoned Toys at my Etsy Store.

Punk Bear has several friends, some featuring human teeth, upcycled ribbon, fabric, and more.
My bear has several upcycled friends, too!
This Punk Bear has some street skills, wicked piercings, and scrabble teeth.
An abandoned bear quickly learns street skills.
This Punk Bear features beer bottle caps as ear piercings.
Pull tab eyebrow piercings, scrabble and keyboard teeth, beer bottle earrings and more.
This Punk Bear features upcycled buttons, pull tabs, an old sweater, and lots of attitude.
An upcycled wig, old buttons, and old clothes add to this bear’s character.
This Punk Bear has gone through a wicked transformation.
From cute to punk, the transformation is complete.
With a green-dyed faux-hawk, this Punk Bear means business.
This bear rocks a faux-hawk!
The teeth spell "love" and "hate" in this Punk Bear's mouth.
Love and hate.

Turn food wrappers into pretty holiday ornaments!


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