Handmade Clocks From Old Wooden Planks

Handmade wall clocks can decorate any home and in almost all areas: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom while giving personality to each of them. Old wooden planks leftover from some construction painted in pale blue and used as a basis and combined with sea-glass in light blue color gathered from the beach and replaced them.

Variation of the above idea and if you prefer numbers clocks, is the clock painted in bright white color with “aged technique” that allows the wood grain to be seen and combined with light gray color numbers decorated with stencil technique.

The idea is to leave the shape of the “find” to lead you to the construction as the wooden board combined with driftwood or larger driftwood that has been used directly as the basis for a unique wall clock. I advise you to let it seem like some of the wood’s imperfections since the construction obtains uniqueness. You can order handmade clocks from recycled materials combined with recycled wood with the dimensions or the color you want.