Handmade Messenger Bag From Upcycled Tires

Piel de Rueda makes bags and accessories for men and women with recycled inner tubes. All our creations are made in Italy, and at km 0, they are created respecting nature by recycling waste materials recovered near our laboratory and are absolutely vegan and cruelty-free!

This messenger bag is a unique piece, handcrafted by recycling the truck’s inner tube and a bicycle tire. The bag is lined with grey neoprene fabric and has 8 pockets, including 3 large zippered pockets (opening 30 cm), 1 small pen pocket, 3 smartphone pockets, and the bag’s main pocket.

The bag also has an internal keychain carabiner. The shoulder strap is adjustable in polyester. The bag is closed by the two metal buckles, super secure; it opens by pushing up both flaps of each buckle. The dimensions are about 35 x 26 x 6 cm and weigh 925 grams.

Each of our creations results from a search for aesthetics and functionality: we recycle with the desire to create something that is still usable over time, reflecting your aesthetic taste.