Recycled Packaging

Handmade Upcycled Tobacco Packaging Handbags

I collect tobacco bags and upcycle them into Tobacco Packaging Handbags. Every bag is unique and made from 40 to 60 tobacco bags.

If you know people who use tobacco products, have them save those empty pouches and make these Upcycled Tobacco Packaging Handbags!

First I cut the tobacco bags, fold and weave them with a technique I learn from a YouTube video like this one. Finally, I put zip. The result was surprise for me too because I am trying to mix colors and create the design. If you don’t have the time or patience to make one, you can pick one up at my Etsy shop

Mix and match colors, and it’s okay to use the logo portions too!

Fluffy pom-pom zipper pulls help open smaller zippers.
Color-coordinate or mix brights and create any style of purse you want.
The fun part is making people guess what you used to make these handbags.

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