by Brian Jewett

High Function Coat Hooks

After recently moving from Los Angeles to Vermont, we quickly discovered that a single jacket by the door was no longer enough. We both had several coats and vests in play all winter long not to mention the various hats, gloves and scarves that went along with them. Any mortal coat rack would be overwhelmed by just the two of us. Fortunately, I’m rather OCD when cleaning paint cans. When my gaze fell upon these while sprucing up for a parental visit, I knew just what to do with them.

High Function Coat Hooks 1 • Accessories

High Function Coat Hooks 2 • Accessories

High Function Coat Hooks 3 • Accessories


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Pedro Esteves via Facebook
Pedro Esteves via Facebook



Super cool stuff, will be shoring my hubby, love the book coat rack, the forks rack and the paint cans…very cool!

Mo Ther via Facebook
Mo Ther via Facebook

this will be a great addition to the garden shed.

Lisa Renee via Facebook
Lisa Renee via Facebook

Maybe in the studio or garage…?

MacKenzie Drake

Okay I can see that.

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