Hold Everything Pallet Tool Rack

Look at this perfect pallet tool rack organization. It was made of new wood in the link where we found it, but could easily be made out of pallets!

Hold-Everything Tool Rack_lead


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Željko Bogovac


Cédric Delaunay

Le rêve de tous les bricoleurs

Blissfull Pelita

Great idea

Didier Bard

trop bien rangé c’est pas pour moi !!

Mick Marshall

Great idea!

Martina Petersdorfer

Igor Petersdorfer, da ti kupim? :D

Annick Rosine Meyer


Lisa Stark

Sam, looks pretty cool :-)

Stephen Kling

Alex Ir Zip Zap Lennart Stoll Johannes Merkert für die neue Werkstatt o.O

Elodie Ressouches

Louis, en plus clean que la récup d’hier :)

Mohab Messias


Paula Noot

Nice wall

Nicolas Boudet
Nicolas Boudet

Yep pourquoi pas ;)


For full guide, download the complete magazine article / Pour le guide complet, télécharger le magazine :

Reply to  Rasmus

The link does not work :-(


That would work really well if I made a smaller version to hang on the back of my workshop door. I can see so many useful ways to adapt it. I may have to go skip diving as it it skip season here in Middlesbrough. All the best dressed driveways are wearing one…. and pretty much every one has a pallet or two

Janis Lawlor O'Donnell

Rick Ringer, is this a picture from your wood shop?

Barbara Lott

miss the creative mess … :D ;)

Nicolas Pasco

C est beaux des vieux joujoux !!!

Blissfull Pelita

so great…. luv it

Amanda Dunham

For some reason this makes me think of you Dale.

Dale McKeon
Reply to  Amanda Dunham

I’ll take that as a compliment. ?

Annika Skarstedt

Ian Anderson! LOVE this! ??

Ian Anderson

My garage would never be the same lol!

Gladys Gutierrez

Israel Gutierrez

Marcela R Cordoba

Adolfo Loza

Tabuyoc Kalor

Loui Julom Makig-angay

Maryna Van Rooyen

Danie Van Rooyen

Charla Ceansky

Aimee Bovara you need this…

Guy Coffinier

Super beau

Jeffrey Connell

Melanie this one’s for me

Melanie Guevara

Yes queen

Yann Hamon


Julie Stockill

Ell Stockill this would make dad happy

Ell Stockill
Reply to  Julie Stockill

He’d have to have nice tools in the first place isn’t worth organisation

Gavin McMahon

Pallet Christmas tree

Mandy Onguta

Cathy Griffis Compagnari, dad and I need this.

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