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Wine Box Into Vintage Wall Cabinet

A wine box transformed into a wall cabinet.

9 months ago

Vintage Wooden Wall Clock & Key Ring holder

A vintage wooden clock was repaired and customized with miniatures.

9 months ago

Vintage Style Tea Box Lamp

What to do with a nice metal tea box? A lamp, for example.

9 months ago

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Table with Mannequin Legs

A step-by-step video tutorial on how to turn mannequin parts into a table.

10 months ago

Shop Counter From Old Wood & Second Hand Parts

It's a shop counter that I made recently for someone who was opening the shop. I used wood and metal…

10 months ago

Steampunk Lamps & Furniture’s

Worth checking out as they are just great-looking furniture. We take time to make those, take care of the details,…

10 months ago

Old Aluminum Blinds Into Lampshade

Upcycle metal window blinds into a contemporary version of a mid-century Tiki-style lampshade.

1 year ago

Upcycled Candles

Instead of throwing out plain white dollar store candles not being used, upcycle them using chalk paint and colored wax…

1 year ago

Old Coffee Grinder Reworked as a Steampunk Lamp

An old coffee grinder reworked as a steampunk lamp. This old coffee grinder meant to be thrown away gave me…

2 years ago