Lamps & Lights

Lamp From Old Water Heater

When there was no electricity during the pre-electrification era, a device was used in India, to heat the bathing water.…

3 years ago

Steampunk Lamp “Benjamin”

"Benjamin" is a lamp in the steampunk style. Details from copper and brass, vintage radio tubes lit by LEDs -…

4 years ago

Led Capsule Lamp

Art Deco meets Modernist design for lighting using recycled materials.

4 years ago

The “Pilgrim” Lamp

Sometimes you have to drag yourself around car boot sales and second-hand shops before you collect all of the ingredients…

4 years ago

Lego Uv Led Flashlight

This is a homemade UV blacklight LED Flashlight made from Legos, some recycled electrical components, and some new electrical components…

4 years ago

Vintage Projector Lamp

I found this old projector on a car boot sale and thought it would probably never be used for its…

4 years ago

How to Transform an Old Electric Heater into an Industrial/Steampunk Table Lamp?

It all began with a parabolic radiator with a beautiful brass dish found on a French flea market. Brass is…

4 years ago

The Old Lady’s Hat

On a Sunday morning, an old lady forgot her hat on a church candlestick. Let there be light!

4 years ago

Wine Box Lamp

This lamp was made out of an upcycled old wine wood box. The lamp can be hanged by the wire…

4 years ago