Recycled Furniture

Furniture are more often reused than recycled or upcycled, but there are many ways to recycle or upcycle them by breaking down old furniture to find a new life as other products. In this category, you will find hundred of inspirations to reuse and even to recycle, upcycle or customize your old furniture or to make some new furniture from recycled materials.

Wine Box Into Vintage Wall Cabinet

A wine box transformed into a wall cabinet.

9 months ago

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Table with Mannequin Legs

A step-by-step video tutorial on how to turn mannequin parts into a table.

10 months ago

Shop Counter From Old Wood & Second Hand Parts

It's a shop counter that I made recently for someone who was opening the shop. I used wood and metal…

10 months ago

Steampunk Lamps & Furniture’s

Worth checking out as they are just great-looking furniture. We take time to make those, take care of the details,…

10 months ago

Old Coffee Grinder Reworked as a Steampunk Lamp

An old coffee grinder reworked as a steampunk lamp. This old coffee grinder meant to be thrown away gave me…

2 years ago

Sewing Machine Base Table

This is my "Union Jack" console table with an upcycled New Williams sewing machine base.

2 years ago

A Chair That Survived California’s Camp Fire Gets New Life With a Colorful Makeover

In November 2018, my family and I escaped as a wildfire destroyed our entire town including our home. When we…

2 years ago

Upcycled Barstool

This stool has been around our house for decades. I wanted to use it for a plant stand or a…

2 years ago

Punch & Sit

Bringing together two fundamentally different objects or materials is an interesting task. In this particular case an old punching bag…

3 years ago