Recycled Plastic

How To Make A Contemporary Art From An Upcycled Plastic Waste With Hot Textile Technique

 Hello, my name is Milati Hanifah, and I just got graduated from Craft Major at Telkom University, Indonesia. I was working on processing recycled bottle plastic waste. I choose to make contemporary jewelry because the materials I used had their limits and how wonderful the phase I’ve had go through, and some products my senior have been made before (I need a differentiation) a vision come to me and it was contemporary art.

The presence of plastic is useful for human life, and it causes a lot of plastic waste to continue to grows every year. Most plastic waste is untreated, besides accumulating in landfills, mostly pollutes the oceans. As one of the largest maritime countries in the world, Indonesia contributed to the plastic waste in the ocean after China.

Waste plastic bottles are one of the most polluting trash on the beach. In addition to being one type of plastic waste with a large quantity, the selection of plastic bottle waste to be recycled due to its strong material quality, stable dimensions, and chemical and heat resistance.

The waste treatment technique I have used is hot textile. Hot textile is a technique in which synthetic or natural materials are combined to form new sheets using heat conductors such as heat guns and irons. For example, the use of heating techniques in plastic bottles is done because it can drastically reduce the volume of plastic bottles to increase the quantity of recycled plastic bottle waste and, at the same time, create visuals of new processed waste products.

Innovations born from the exploration results will be further processed into modular or sheet results for fashion accessories. It is hoped that this research can inspire the community to be more active and innovative independently in utilizing plastic bottle waste.