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How To Make A Cute Cake Pan Window Bird Feeder

Our DIY window bird feeder is made from an old cake pan and tea strainer and allows us to watch our lovely wild birds eat their breakfast while we eat ours. It is a fantastic way to see birds close up while still keeping them safe from predators.

Feeding wild birds is one of the simple pleasures in life. Not only do the birds benefit hugely from the extra nutritional support, but they are also lovely creatures to watch. Spending a few minutes each day watching them flit to and from a window feeder is a great way to relax as well as learn a little more of our delightful wildlife.

We have made homemade bird feeders in the past but they are designed to be hung up in the trees away from predators. The birds love them, but they are not readily visible from the house. This DIY window bird feeder brings the birds in close and gives us a fantastic view of them as they feed.

What we used to make our window bird feeder:

  • An old cake pan (ours has a diameter of 6 inches)
  • An old wire tea strainer
  • Rustic grapevine floristry wire
  • 2 suction cups
  • I also used a metal hack saw and wire snips.