How To Make A Mini Greenhouse From Reclaimed Wood

Given that COVID19 is changing the way we live, a vegetable garden is a good idea on many levels:

  • Working with nature helps to lift your spirits and make you feel more grounded.
  • Growing your own produce will mean fewer trips to the shops which means less chance of catching coronavirus!
  • Eating organic vegetables grown in your mini greenhouse will also boost your immune system.

So now that we’ve laid out the benefits, this is how you make a mini greenhouse in which you can start your vegetable seedlings off. The greenhouse will help protect your seedlings from weather and insects.

We’ve put together a video (above) and accompanying tutorial running through the steps (see link under “Source” below).

How To Make A Mini Greenhouse From Reclaimed Wood 1 • Garden Ideas



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Liane Woudboer van den Berg

Niels leuk voor in de tuin! Zo komen er geen beestjes in de moestuin groente Jorien

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