Keepe – Recycled Bicycle Parts into Jewelry

At Keepe, we combine the love of bicycles with the art of re-purpose and passionately create products that predominantly feature recycled bicycle parts.

Even when you look at the bicycle business which symbols a greener world and preserving nature you still see lots of junk that piles like old rusty bikes and many other redundant bike parts. We have decided to take this industry to the next level towards a cleaner world while encouraging and trying to inspire people to re-use everything they can.

We started to re-purpose old bicycle parts that instead of being dumped to garbage while missing their real purpose, of a greener world, being re-used and transformed into amazing jewelry

and becomes a symbol for cleaner better world and symbols a lifestyle up-cycling and continuation.

That what Keepe symbols and what it stands for. Keepe just launched a new exciting and cool collection. It took us a while till we reached a collection we love and today we are proud of what we have created.

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