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Leather Menagerie For Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton asked British Artist Billie Achilleos to work on four animals made of Louis Vuitton leather goods. Billie masterfully transformed wallets, bags and belts into a menagerie of animals, including a grasshopper, an armadillo and a beaver.


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  • Sorry, but how can you call that "recycling"!!?..all i see is marketing buzz using brand new and overpriced items!

  • Strip the fact that Louis Vuitton commissioned this, and you have an inspiring idea for your average Joe to create a sculpture out of their own unused or outdated purses or wallets. I guess "recycling" is all about your perspective.

  • Thank you Lisa Foster ! You got it all ! :-) we are tired explaining each time this perspective. Same thing when people say "it's repurposing not recycling..."

  • I have to agree with Lisa on this one. It got me thinking about things I can do with some old purses and wallets I have in my closet.

  • Funny...I've been using a torn Christian Dior travel bag in my jewelry for years was just to cool to throw out.

    <3 this idea.

  • The thing is, they are very good works. I'll bet there are very few that can compete with the creativity. Creative minds rule!