Recycled Pallets

Led-lit Fractal-burned Pallet Bar For Your Man Cave

I made this fractal-burned pallet bar with a rustic/industrial theme in mind. A small section of the bar’s top was finished using a fractal burning technique and covered with epoxy.

This LED-lit Fractal-burned Pallet Bar would be amazing in your man cave or outdoor living spaces!

Supplies used include:

  • Epoxy
  • Upcycled lazy susan cabinet corner unit
  • upcycled fence boards
  • pallets
  • repurposed black cast iron pipe pieces
  • aluminum edging
  • screws
  • live edge red oak
  • paint & stains
  • LED lighting
Here is the finished bar, set up in my garage. With a TV and some seating, it makes a great Man Cave!
Add LED lighting, and any bar becomes more awesome, including this one!
Old iron pipes make great foot rail for this pallet bar. I used various stains and paints to create different tones and to highlight some grains. Aluminum trim along the edges covers any imperfections and prevents splinters!
When you demolish an old set of cabinets, save the innards like this lazy susan corner unit. It creates a lot of storage space in an otherwise inaccessible area of the L-shaped bar.
I made this bar to have two levels – to create a Mixology space and then a place for people to “sidle up to the bar.” :D
I added a fun cut-out sports logo.
The short end of the L-shaped pallet bar has beautiful fractal burning that we filled in with colored epoxy. The rest of the top was also covered with epoxy after doing a stencil of my favorite sports team.
Fractal-burning is quite beautiful. Fill it with colored epoxy, or just leave it bare and scorched. Unique!

Editor’s note: Here’s a YouTube video that explains the Fractal Burning Process. We are NOT recommending this technique (although it’s awesome!) and are only providing the video to explain the process. You can be seriously injured if you are not careful with this technique!

With a bar this awesome, you need to do a unique Rubber Flooring in your man cave! Keep on updating your garage and make your own Sliding Barn Doors!