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Library Information Desk Out of Recycled Books

This desk seen at TU Delft architecture bibliotheek is entirely made of recycled books. These pictures don’t do justice to how lovely it looks: very tactile and appealing.


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  • this is not recycling, this is reusing, or repurposing. The definition of recycling is that spent materials are collected, broken down into their component raw materials and remanufactured into new items, be it the same as the original (aluminum cans to aluminum cans) or something completely different (paper to toilet paper or cardboard) Reusing means to take something that has been used once, and... re-use it (like re-filling glass bottles, with usually more of the same contents) or to take that thing, and make or do something with it other than its original function (LIKE MAKING A LIBRARY DESK OUT OF BOOKS) For gods sake people, more power to you, but there is an ocean of difference between recycling and reusing.

  • Might I ask if you are sure those books are repurposed? I use to work at this university. According to the library staff I asked when we first moved in to the new premises. These books were purchased, new and then made into those counters. I was at the fire and nothing much could be salvaged other than the chair collection and archives from the basement. The old library was on the ground floor, which was devastated from fighting the fire. I would really check with the designer/school before posting this.

  • maybe ^brokenstraw could repurpose some of that knowledge to make a positve comment about this creative green desk. Lighten Up.

  • It's so lovely! At first I wondered, like sally sue, why they didn't make the titles face out. Then, I imagined folks thinking, "Hmm... that looks interesting. I'll just give it a little tug." :)

    And I must disagree with brokenstraw. Although this is a fine example of reuse, these books have also been recycled. In the words of Merriam Webster, "to adapt to a new use".

    This article led me to another interesting piece of stacked-book architecture: . These books were borrowed for the installation and then returned to the library!