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License Plate Coat Rack

Although I do not often participate in craft shows any longer, as I am busy enough with producing crafts for two shops in Hamburg, I sometimes make new design objects that might be suitable for sale there. Since almost all the goods at craft shows have been designed for the female audience, I always like to have something on the table that might be of interest to the male sex. Last summer, I made some of these license plate

coat racks. They have not proved very successful for sale since I have not considered that rather few single men go to craft shows and married men are rarely given permission by their wives to acquire decorative objects for their homes. I still like my license plate coat racks because they are easy to make and thus represent an uncomplicated and original gift for car enthusiasts and in the end, I sold all coat racks, except for one that I have retained for my studio.

Ronja Lotte

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