Light: Housewife Avenger

This light has been made with old and unusefull elements of a kitchen from the fiftie’s.
Her name : Housewive Avenger.

Light: Housewife Avenger 1 • Accessories

Elements used: cake’s pan, big and small spoons, syphon, ceiling light, Jam’s lid, Spaguetti spoon.

Size : 50cm x 50cm x 30cm

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Nan Whetstone via Facebook
Nan Whetstone via Facebook

Shouldn’t it be “HouseWIFE”, you know, with an “f”?

Recyclart via Facebook

Well spotted Nan ! Thank you it is corrected ! :)

Maxime Tabacchi via Facebook
Maxime Tabacchi via Facebook

merci pour la publication!! et la correction “of my poor english” ;-)


Looks cool thanks for the post.

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