by Dyana Allen

Lightbulb Miniature Valentine’s Day Diy Idea!

Make a massive impact with a Lightbulb Miniature Valentine’s Day DIY Idea! I built this project after seeing those ship-in-a-bottle art pieces. Create any theme you want with mini charms inside the bulb. Add a hot air balloon, or a little flying bird, or anything else you wish!

Turn those old bulbs into Lightbulb Miniature Valentine’s Day DIY ideas!

Materials needed:

  • One bulb
  • Safety glasses
  • Pliers
  • Knife
  • Salt (to clean out a white light bulb to clear)
    • DIY Video is supplied at the end of this post quickly showing you how to hollow out a bulb
  • Water bottle plastic cap
  • Cardstock
  • Thread or fishing line
  • Decorative craft tape, washi tape or paint (to cover the plastic bottle lid)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Mini charms (like the Eiffel tower)
  • glitter
  • Round upcycled item for the base that supports the bulb securely:
    • A piece of a cardboard tube (such as a piece of holiday wrapping paper tube)
    • PVC pipe
    • Cut down a water bottle to create a supportive base
    • Jar lids, such as a mayo jar

The hardest part while assembling this project was hollowing out the light bulb. Once the bulb is hollowed out, use glitter, mini charms, and float a hot air balloon inside! Add the cap and glue in place!

Upcycle a Lightbulb into a personalized Valentine's day gift!
Upcycle an old bulb into a personalized Valentine’s day gift!
Put charms or other sentimental items into the center of this Lightbulb.
Put any charms or sentimental items into the center of the bulb. Float a hot air balloon, a bird, a plane, or anything else you wish!

Check out this video on YouTube by TheOliveMonsterOfArt!


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