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Lucciole, Recycled Wine Barrel Staves Large 12 Lights Chandelier

This pendant is made using six wine barrel staves, which are fixed into place to create the desired shape. The staves’ ends still show the original groove of each barrel’s plank.
The chandelier comes with 12 dimmable LED Vintage Edison style bulbs. Each light hangs at a slightly longer length from the previous, creating the stunning shape and light effect of the whole piece.

Lucciole’s hardware elements and canopy are featured in brass color. The piece is connected to the canopy with a thick black rope, perfect complement to the style of this artisanal -and yet very elegant- piece.

Lucciole’s oak staves are finished in the color of choice on the upside, while the underside will show the rich reddish color left by the wine previously held in the barrel; especially with lighter stains, the contrast creates a beautiful two colors effect. The stunning redness given by the wine is enhanced when the piece is lit.

The light’s total drop is about 66” from the ceiling.

Lucciole can be included as an extraordinary and unique piece of home or winery decor, integrated into any style of interior design from the rustic to the more modern and contemporary.

The solid wood of a recycled oak wine barrel has a very distinctive element of charm that is conveyed into every object we create. Every individual barrel carries the signs of its unique history in every stave, creating differences in color, grain, and dimensions.

We love the fact that we can help the environment by recycling the raw material and turn it into an object of ‘practical elegance’ at the same time.

Stil Novo Design

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