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Luminous Upcycled Robot Sculpture Made From Junk

I made this Upcycled Robot Sculpture only using recovered parts. It is lit with LEDs to reduce heat and to make it luminous!

This Upcycled Robot Sculpture would be great on a desk or as a disguised kid’s nightlight!

I think the feet are vintage guitar wah-wah pedal unit parts. I used old wrenches for the arms. The body was originally a metal box that had a light in it. The head comes from a computer case ventilation fan unit. I installed two translucent glass cream pots to create the eyes. Next, I installed more lighting, but to prevent overheating, I used only LEDs. This was a simple electrical installation. Some additional details include a bit of cheese grater for the mouth, a bicycle gear on the chest, and a cool taillight for the main yellow lamp. This sculpture makes a beautiful, soft glow that would even work as an awesome, disguised kid’s nightlight.

Here’s another fun idea for the kids – an Upcycled Kitchen.

gille monte ruici

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