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Man Cave Aviator Side Table Upcycles Airplane Parts

I made this Man Cave Aviator Side Table after I found this amazing aircraft part in my local lumber suppliers office. So I asked if it was for sale and it was! : ) I immediately saw it as a base for a cool side table.

Aviator Side Table – this one-of-a-kind table will have your friends green with envy!

It was quite dull when I found it, but I used RV aluminum polish to bring out a near mirror finish. I taped off the “no step” warning sign to protect it from the polisher. I had a local plastics supplier cut the top out of acrylic to save me the trouble of possibly cracking it while cutting the circles with my router. Next, I made a smaller ring from scrap wood to add support to the top. I leveled it up, drilled pilot holes for screws to keep the top in place. Finally, I added another wood circle to create a bottom base and it naturally creates a little cavity for storage. I’ll be able to store magazines and such in that little cubby hole.

What could be cooler than this beautifully polished aluminum side table made from upcycled aircraft parts?

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