Recycled Art

Marquetry-inspired Recycled Skateboard Art

My lion art piece is influenced by the marquetry technique, except that it is not an inlay. I piece together hundreds of small recycled skateboard segments. I use broken and recycled skateboards to create my Recycled Skateboard Art.

Break a board? Don’t throw it out! Cut it up into pieces and use it in Recycled Skateboard Art

My most recent upcycled skateboard project is this geometric lion. It consists of almost 1000 pieces!  I cut each piece by hand and glue it in place.  All the color on the lion comes from the stain that existed on the skateboard. I added no additional color. I mounted the finished piece behind glass on recycled hardwood flooring

When you see a pile of broken skateboards, what do you see? This artist sees POTENTIAL.
Skateboards are made of laminated layers, and the colors can be vivid and striking when the cross-sections are visible.
I began some projects with triangular sections of boards that I glued together to make beautiful geometric patterns that can then become art!
There is nothing better than walking into the shop and seeing a large stack of boards, to begin the creative process.
I can even use small pieces in some of my art pieces.
Additionally, I made this upcycled skateboard clock. The color of the skateboard laminates makes this piece gorgeous.

I created this beautiful lion from almost 1,000 pieces of old skateboards.

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