Recycled Cardboard

Cartasia-lucca Biennale: Architectural Structure Made of Recycled Cardboard

A “greener” future, in which recycled paper and cardboard are used not only to create art, but also to build…

5 years ago

Indian Rooster Cardboard Sculpture

This cardboard sculpture of a young fighting Indian rooster took a long time to complete, approximately eight months. It was made…

5 years ago

Cardboard “Abandoned House”

"Abandoned House", all made of recycled cardboard.

5 years ago

Make This Upcycled Cardboard Roll Vase With Basic Supplies

Do you throw those round tubes of cardboard which comes with your tissue paper roll or the aluminium foil roll?…

5 years ago

Corrugated Cardboard Lamp Features Plastic Bag Lampshade

This DIY tutorial will teach you how to create your own lamp made from ordinary materials that you have around…

5 years ago

Arts & Crafts With Old Playing Cards

There’s something almost mysteriously alluring about playing cards. It could be the simple contrast in colors, the knowledge that there…

5 years ago

Diy: Corrugated Board Pen

A unique way to re-purpose cardboard scraps into interesting and functional art.

5 years ago

Eggshell Sugar Skull Art “Catrinamask”

With inspiration from my trip to Oaxaca in Mexico, I start to create sculls. This one is made of cardboard…

5 years ago

Amazing Recycled Cardboard Turkey Sculpture

This Cardboard Turkey Sculpture took two years to complete. Working with paper mache, you must work it, let it dry, add more…

6 years ago