Recycled Electronic Waste

This category will bring you some interesting ideas and projects made out of recycled electronic components and all kind of e-waste. By recycling computer components into something new, you’ll participate to the decrease of planned obsolescence impacting the electronics industry.

Bust sculptures made from e-waste

The bust has been created to address all art lovers and to re-energize their creativity during the Corona Virus crisis.…

4 years ago

Lego Uv Led Flashlight

This is a homemade UV blacklight LED Flashlight made from Legos, some recycled electrical components, and some new electrical components…

5 years ago

Aliens in the Forest

A sad but intriguing story of discarded electronic components who clone themselves then flee to the forest to avoid recycling.…

5 years ago

The Optic Reader Robot

I built this mini robot which will be perfect for a desk decoration from an old DVD player. I used…

5 years ago

Wizard of Oz: Sculptures from Recycled Cell Phones

I made these sculptures named "Wizard of Oz" out from recycled electronic parts from a computer and recycled cell phones.…

5 years ago

Arena: Mobile Interactive Sound Sculpture

ARENA: An interactive public sculpture that allows people to communicate through it. Constructed from 320 recycled speakers that are all…

6 years ago

E-waste Abstract Sculptures

Sculptures created from discarded electronic components. The sculpture below was created by making a wire armature and applying a coat…

6 years ago

Techno Art: Recycled Art from Computer Electronic Parts

The idea of making this type of work took shape when I made with my students - young people from…

6 years ago

Vintage Bluetooth Speakers – New Tunes, Old Soul

Would you like to see Bluetooth speakers with all of the style and functionality, and none of the environmental impact?…

6 years ago

Let’s Roll: Audibot Transformer-style Robot

I cut up some unused children's toys, and made this robot.

7 years ago