Recycled Packaging

Fruit Box Becomes Decorative Toilet Paper Storage

In our homes, it's always very important to have an ample supply of toilet paper. My solution was to upcycle…

6 years ago

Cardboard Mosaic Containers Are Amazing!

I've made those boxes from recycled cardboard. They are decorated with small pieces of cardboard and then covered with napkins.…

7 years ago

Upcycled Rubbish Bears

I started making these Upcycled Rubbish Bears out of old coats from charity shops because I could not afford the fabric. I loved…

7 years ago

Nespresso Capsules & Light, Now That’s Capsuleart!

Technically, and basically, I use used Nespresso capsules to write down things or draw shapes on a surface and lighten…

7 years ago

Diy: Accessories Storage From Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

A storage project to store my accessories made out of home waste for home decor and storage purpose.

7 years ago

The Drums Chair

Drums chair made from old drums elements and some old tin cans! Batterie Chaise: Chaise + Boites de conserves, Bass…

7 years ago

Bolsa De Cebollas Reciclada En Alfombra De Trapillo / Onions Bag Recycled Into Carpet

An onions bag that can be transformed into a beautiful colored carpet for your bathroom or bedroom. Sew a border…

7 years ago

Recycled Art By Prisoners In Africa

Artwork by prisoners in Africa. Hats, bags and washing scrubs. I was given by the inmates.

7 years ago

Recycling Paint Bucket Into Flower Pot

A recycled paint bucket becomes an original flowerpot with a new painting technique. Materials needed: Paint bottle 10 liter Painting…

7 years ago

Potato Crisp Packets Turned into a Shopping Bag

Crisp Packets laminated and turned into a shopping bag.

7 years ago