Recycled Packaging

In our society of “buy it, use it, trash it”, we are invaded by packagings. In fact, there is a packaging for everything, and you pay it! So, instead of throwing them away, reuse them into something useful, find more than a hundred of ideas to reuse your old packagings in this category.

Diy Video Tutorial: Candle Making Techniques

T.P.  Storage never looked more adorable. I made this from a fruit crate that I covered with a patterned material that went with my home decor.

Fruit Box Becomes Decorative Toilet Paper Storage

Cardboard Mosaic Containers Are Amazing!

Upcycled Rubbish Bears


Nespresso Capsules & Light, Now That’s Capsuleart!

Diy: Accessories Storage From Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

The Drums Chair


Bolsa De Cebollas Reciclada En Alfombra De Trapillo / Onions Bag Recycled Into Carpet

Recycled Art By Prisoners In Africa

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