Recycled Plastic

Upcycling Plastic Bottles into Wire Sculptures – The Art of Phantom

All my works are made exclusively from upcycling plastic bottles reworked by thermoforming. It's a simple and accessible technique that…

5 years ago

Egyptian Vulture From Recycled Household Plastics

Household plastic waste used to create & promote endangered wildlife.

5 years ago

Petroplast: Sculpture From Pyroplastic

Contemporary wall sculpture made from collected beach plastic and plastic packaging.

5 years ago

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaics

Mosaic steps and other art created from recycled plastic bottle caps.

5 years ago

Diy Recycled Plastic Bags: Simple Coiling Technique

Basket made of recycled plastic bags: simple coiling technique.

5 years ago

Fred the Friendly Fish – Plastic Oceans & Household Plastics

My own household plastics reused to create a sculpture & encourage consideration for our environment.

5 years ago

Great Egret, Plastic Re-creation

Using household plastics to create art forms like this Great Egret.

5 years ago

Recycling Eps (Styrofoam) at Home into Usable Casting Resin

Simple at home De-gasification of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) aka Styrofoam, which turns it into a dryable liquid that can…

5 years ago

Sturdy Shopping Trolley Using Upcycled Plastic Container

Reuse a plastic cube inside a reusable shopping bag. Put some plastic brackets to ensure the bag to the chart.…

5 years ago

Turn Cd Jewel Cases Into This Spinning Desk Organizer Photo Calendar Cube!

I don't really remember where the inspiration for this project came from. It probably hit me in the middle of…

6 years ago