Recycling Metal

Projects to gives you some inspirations for recycling metal.

Vintage Style Tea Box Lamp

What to do with a nice metal tea box? A lamp, for example.

2 years ago

Soda Can Earrings

Cut up a shape from a soda can, emboss it, and attach it to an earring loop. It's that easy.

3 years ago

Sewing Machine Base Table

This is my "Union Jack" console table with an upcycled New Williams sewing machine base.

3 years ago

Recycled Drink Cans Into Amazing Decorative Flowers

Flowers made from recycled drink cans.

4 years ago

Our Upcycling Design REC.ON Re.newed Design

Rec.on brand gives recovered auto parts a new chance to shine again. Using a unique upcycling process, we transform used,…

4 years ago

I Harbour An Obsession With Junk

Discarded metal is refashioned into a landscape painting. Joanne cuts, scratches, and augments found objects to enhance the narrative she…

4 years ago

Upcycled Barstool

This stool has been around our house for decades. I wanted to use it for a plant stand or a…

4 years ago

Metal Messenger Bag

This is a handmade messenger bag using logic, easily available materials and a touch of humor. Two black, Fishnet Legal…

4 years ago

Recycled Logo

The old logo of the electricity company, was rightly trimmed & reused.

4 years ago

Basket Made from Recycled Aluminum Pizza Pan

Metal, recycled aluminum, tote to hold items, and or boutique display.

4 years ago