Recycling Paper & Books

Christmas Ornaments From Old Books

Reinventing Tramp Art and saving schools and libraries the high cost of disposal of books.

4 years ago

Make Upcycled Mini Notebooks: DIY Video Tutorial!

Learn how to make these cute mini notebooks that you can use as key rings or as simple pocket-sized notebooks.…

5 years ago

Upcycled Gift Wrap Wreath: Trash Into Gorgeous Decor!

I wanted to upcycle a painting that didn't sell and turned it into an Upcycled Gift Wrap Wreath! I used…

5 years ago

Upcycled Playing Card Dolls Make Great Gifts!

What do you do with playing cards when they get a little sticky? Turn them into 3D greeting cards!

5 years ago

Upcycled World Map Lampshade

Turn a garage sale lamp shade into a work of art with a yacht map or beach themed gift wrap.

5 years ago

Diy Yarn-mache Pet Igloo For Dogs & Cats!

Use up those old skeins and balls of yarn and transform them into an adorable Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo for cats…

5 years ago

3d Upcycled Paper Wall Art Pieces & Portraits

I am currently working on a portrait of someone from the 90's pop industry bet you can't guess who?

5 years ago

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books

There are a number of unique and beautiful uses of old books. So why throw them out or just store…

5 years ago

Diy Tutorial: Mixed-media Upcycled Mason Jars

Turn Upcycled Mason Jars into one-of-a-kind works of art by using paint and collage techniques to create a colorful abstract…

5 years ago