Metal Sculpture Recycled Chess Pieces

Don’t buy cheesy, cheap discount store chessmen. Instead, make your Recycled Chess Pieces. No special skills or techniques are required. The industrial artwork movement, as well as the steampunk art style, influenced these metal robot pieces. I used bicycle chain, screws, bolts, nuts, threaded rod, gears, spacers, pipe, and any other shiny metal I could find. If the metal isn’t shiny the way you like, use a wire wheel to buff it!

The holidays are coming, so make this set of industrial-inspired Recycled Chess Pieces for that special someone.

You only need a drill! You don’t have to weld, and if you can use a screwdriver, you can create these sculptures. For these three pieces, King, Rook, and Knight, the primary structure is made using tea infuser balls. The balls are easy to drill for big screws as eyes. I used pieces of bike chain to create their arms and affixed them using screws.  I used washers, gears, and other metal parts for the bases, attaching them to the balls with a threaded rod inside.  It’s only the beginning. I’ll make the Queen, Bishop, and Pawns soon. Why use tea balls? These robots are perfect for the tactical stra-tea-gy the game. Checkmate!

Recycled Chess Pieces are made from tea balls, bicycle chain, screws, gears and more.
These Metal Sculpture Chessmen are industrial-looking and easy to make!
Upcycle tea balls, screws, nuts, bolts, threaded rod, and other bits and pieces you have in your garage junk pile to create these Recycled Chess Pieces.
Unique or funky hardware makes perfect accents, such as the screws for eyes and an old valve base for a body.
How cute is this little guy? His body is a big tea ball, his arms are pieces of chain attached by screws, and his base is a gear set. Washers make his eyes brown, too.
Washers and screws create the yes. I used simple pieces of bicycle chain as the arms. Next, I used a tea ball to create the Chessman’s little body.  I used rubber washers to create brown eyes on this Metal chess piece.
Recycled Chess Pieces like this little robot with his shiny bolt eyes, swinging bicycle chain arms and gear bottom make him a great addition to your game set.
Shiny Bolt eyes and bicycle chain, along with pieces of pipe and gears make this little chess piece adorable! The seam line of the tea ball creates a brooding smile.

Make a folding cornhole game board from pallets. Create an arcade game art piece.


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