Necklace Out of a Bicycle Inner Tube & Soda Can Tabs

We are Isabel and Naomi. We like to use products that can be thrown away and turn these products into jewelry or decorations for your house. Here we used the soda can tabs in bicycle tires to make a stunning necklace. We hope you like it.
Materials used:

  • 24 Soda can tabs
  • Cleaned inner tube of a bike (you can ask for them in a bike shop. They usually have some they want to throw away)
  • Silver colored chain extender (Beadshop)
  • 12 silver tone square rivet studs
  • Silver-colored lobster clasp (Beadshop)
  • 24 Silver-colored oval jump rings (Beadshop)
  • 13 Silver-colored jump rings 5 mm (Beadshop)
  • Square (5/8inch) Lever Punch – Dovecraft
  • Belt perforator
  • Eyelet Plier
  • Cutting pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers (Beadshop)
bijouxfaitalamain13 (Isabel Naomi)