Upcycled Bicycle Parts

New Life For Discarded Bike Parts


After moving into a house on a steep ridge, we decided to put handrails down to our backyard. We wanted something different and artsy. With the help of a local bike co-op, we found an artist who fits the bill.

When we contracted with a local artist, Ezequiel Leoni, we had two desires for our handrails. First, we wanted materials to be used to be salvaged and repurposed. Secondly, since my husband is a cyclist, the materials needed to be bicycle parts.

A handrail going down the 15 steps to the pool was a necessity! The other area that needed a rail was around a brick pedestal where a bbq grill had been.

Eze collected and used a variety of bike pieces. Around the brick pedestal, Eze created a wrap-around “sculpture” with a handrail going down to the area where our dog could relieve herself. The artist welded the pieces together and did a turquoise patina finish, making the different parts uniform in color. The two exciting railings are fun to look at and identify what each bike piece is. Now we have functional art that is creative and truly one of a kind!


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