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Old Lamp Saved From The Landfill

A month ago, I was preparing for a jewelry/art booth I was to do at an outdoor concert. I needed a way to display the necklaces I wanted to sell.

I looked around the house and noticed an old nonfunctioning lamp I had kept for some odd reason. I removed the beat up shade and stripped out the electrical cord. Then I placed a salvaged bike gear over the bulb holder and secured it with a screw and some other hardware. I wanted to make this piece very unique so I glued a funky porcelain dresser knob over the stem on the very top.

And voila… Just what I needed! I now have an unusual, eye-catching way to display my necklaces for sale or personal use. I love the look of it! It has a “steampunk” feel to it. Necessity really is the mother of invention!


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