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Old Skateboard Becomes Retro Games Interface

You’ve gotta see how an Old Skateboard Becomes a Retro Games Interface! I used an old skateboard, an old iMac, a Jamma, buttons, and loom kit set.

How an Old Skateboard can breathe new life into an old iMac

I wanted to bring some new life into an old iMac because they tend to end up in the scrap heap. Because they have a CRT monitor onboard, they are actually fantastic as a games emulator. Also, I had to download the Mac version of Mame; I think it’s called BETA. Also, remember that it has to be compatible with the old operating system of MAC that is pre-Intel! 

I drilled out all the holes for the buttons and mounted the joysticks, and then did all the wiring. Finally, I tested it, and it’s all good! I think this is a whole lotta upcycling going on in this project, and hope it inspires you!

Now time to get your game on…

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