Old Treadle Sewing Machine Converted Into Singer Chair

I pondered long and hard what to do with an old Singer treadle sewing machine. I wanted it to be more than a table or desk. Additionally, I wanted the dark wood to go with the black enameled metal, so I chose walnut. I finished this Singer Chair with Tung oil followed by a coat of polyurethane.

I had some leather from a thrown-out sofa that I skinned on the curb. The treadle wheel screamed to be inset into the back. I had to trim the center frame down to give the seat the correct height. This project took about 10 hours, including finishing and re-do of a few parts to get it looking right but it turned out to my satisfaction.

But What About The Actual Sewing Machine?

Editor’s note: Upcycling old treadle sewing machines are quite popular these days. However, please don’t just set the machine head unit (the actual sewing machine) out to be recycled. There are many vintages and antique sewing groups that like to restore the machines, or if they aren’t in a condition to restore, they can be “parted out” – to save another vintage/antique machines. You can contact them through social media sites or place an ad in your local online sales site to keep them from the junk pile. :D

Old Treadle Sewing Machine Converted Into Singer Chair 1 • Recycled Furniture
Old Treadle Sewing Machine Converted Into Singer Chair 3 • Recycled Furniture

Here’s a chair made from Bicycle Parts! Ever seen Star Wars Stuff made from Pallet Wood?

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Patrick Hendrix

Added a drop leaf table top and retained the drawers . Desk or small dining table

Maria Bergius Norman

Så läcker. ?

Heather Stiletto

Wonder what happened to the sewing machine? *sigh*

Debby Schoenhofer-Durica

How cool!

Ursa Stupica

Wow! :)

Julie Gougeon

Paul Crews here is sumtin to make for the wifey

Marek Králík

Super dobrý nápad a skvělá práce…

Adrien Flambeaux

Guillaume LefevreMarie Hambresin

Dora Pereyra



The picture of the singer chair never showed so was unable to see. But there’s a lot of Great imagination.

Petr Uhlir
Petr Uhlir

I really like the armchair you did. I have a frame but I do not know how to do it.
Please can you send me more info how to do it step by step ? Or more photo. Mainly seat mounting.
Thank you.

Al Phillips
Al Phillips

I am about to try something like this. I have the singer cast iron and the sewing machine and cabinet removed. Did you have to cut any of the iron off in order to install the seat lower? The photo is dark but how did you attach the wooden seat to the sides of the iron? I can barely make out large washers, could you email me some more detailed photos? al*******@at*.net

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