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Old Treadle Sewing Machine Converted Into Singer Chair

I pondered long and hard what to do with an old Singer treadle sewing machine. I wanted it to be more than a table or desk. Additionally, I wanted the dark wood to go with the black enameled metal, so I chose walnut. I finished this Singer Chair with Tung oil followed by a coat of polyurethane.

I had some leather from a thrown-out sofa that I skinned on the curb. The treadle wheel screamed to be inset into the back. I had to trim the center frame down to give the seat the correct height. This project took about 10 hours, including finishing and re-do of a few parts to get it looking right but it turned out to my satisfaction.

But What About The Actual Sewing Machine?

Editor’s note: Upcycling old treadle sewing machines are quite popular these days. However, please don’t just set the machine head unit (the actual sewing machine

) out to be recycled. There are many vintages and antique sewing groups that like to restore the machines, or if they aren’t in a condition to restore, they can be “parted out” – to save another vintage/antique machines. You can contact them through social media sites or place an ad in your local online sales site to keep them from the junk pile. :D

Here’s a chair made from Bicycle Parts! Ever seen Star Wars Stuff made from Pallet Wood?


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