Recycling Metal

Our Upcycling Design REC.ON Re.newed Design

Rec.on brand gives recovered auto parts a new chance to shine again. Using a unique upcycling process, we transform used, unwanted parts into new, high-quality, functional designs, adding style, and an industrial aesthetic to any interior.

The process of acquiring our materials is what makes our products one-of-a-kind. Each creation is marked with an individual serial number, and customers have the option to specify parts from their favorite car models.

REC.ON creates modern, eco-friendly designs. Here you will find loft lamps and industrial accessories created from used car parts. You can choose from many available models of unique ceilings, floors, or wall lamps.

We offer unique products. Each of our designs is incomparable and unmatched. Even if it’s designed according to the same original rendering, each product can vary, depending on the longevity of the part, and the vehicle model. We emphasize this uniqueness by marking each product with an individual serial number.

Rec. on design is also unusual because the process of development and production requires a lot of skill, patience, time, and energy spent on metalworking. The result is invaluable and gratifying for both, the consumer, and the environment.