Recycled Art

Outrageous Playing Cards Wall Art Captures Movement

“ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” Playing Cards Wall Art captures movement like a moment in time! Make your own version of this for your man cave or living room on those poker or cards nights, and you’ll be the envy of the party.

Playing Cards Wall Art: This idea would Rock N Roll your game night!

  • Dimensions: 115 x 25 x 7cm
  • Technique: assemblage
  • Materials: playing cards

Although the directions aren’t supplied here, you could improvise with an upcycled piece of wood and have fun with hot glue or a fast-drying craft glue! It’s frozen chaos! This could be an excellent gift for that card shark in your family as well.

What is the consequence of being many things, change your mind, break the rules, do not have tasks to perform?

  • Identity or non-identity?
  • Roles or freedom to act?
  • Order or disorder?
  • Predictable or Unpredictable?

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