Recycling Metal

Outrageous Streettrendz Upcycled Metal Art Pieces

I’m a huge car enthusiast, and a Subaru mechanic by trade. I’ve always had a thing for art, including drawing and sculpture. I have always loved recycled or repurposed art, maybe because I like to stay within a budget. The less I need to spend to make something, the better. That’s how I came up with these Streettrendz Upcycled Metal Art Pieces!

Streettrendz Upcycled Metal Art Pieces – turning all of those cool, weird automotive parts into stunning artwork!

I admire automotive decor, so having access to junked-out parts, I decided to give welding art a try. I made an elephant, but having no real knowledge of how to weld, it fell apart, so I set it aside. A few months later I came home from work to find that my dog passed away. I put his collar in a drawer because I couldn’t part with it, but it was painful to see. A year later I was kind of getting the urge to give the welding another try. I had so many parts kicking around, and I was feeling inspired.

Sometimes big ideas come from a single, small piece. That’s how Streettrendz Upcycled Metal Art Pieces came about!

I came across my dog’s collar and thought it would be cool to make a welded sculpture of him out of car parts and put the collar on it. That’s just what I did. I had people instantly asking me for dogs, and then I was getting requests for all kinds of stuff, and it kind of blew up from there. I’ve made sculptures for businesses, shops, celebrities, museums, and have gotten amazing feedback. Creating something that others appreciate, while upcycling materials is an amazing feeling!

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